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the team behind glam to go

raquel mancini

Raq is the behind the scenes glam girl you will book your events with. Discussing details about your date is her every day routine. She is constantly learning new techniques to grow her skills in the makeup world.  

Outside of GTG: I love what I do! Running GTG with my siser and amazing team makes my heart so full. Outside of work, I love spending time with my fiance and our fur baby, Winnie.

owner │ head makeup artist


She is the creator of Glam to Go and works hard every day to enhance her skills as a hair stylist. Her talent is unmatched and LOVES seeing the brides faces after their reveal. Show her a picture, she somehow mimics it exactly - IT IS LIKE MAGIC!

Outside of GTG: A proud mother of 2 girls with the partnership of husband Lee. The girls keep me busy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

owner │ head hair stylist

Amanda P 

Growing up watching her mother as a MUA taught Amanda all the tricks of the trade. Her sweet personality makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Discussing every step of the way, Amanda ensures you are 100% happy with your makeup. Whether dramatic or natural is your desire, she is your girl! 

Outside of GTG: I was a “covid bride”, I get it! Since I went through the entire planning process, I have all the tips for you! Outside of the wedding world, I love working out in my spare time and hanging with my big Italian family <3 

makeup artist

Genavieve F

Call her G! G has been with GTG for four years. Her personality is contagious and her work is even more impressive. She will style your hair perfectly- and by the end of your experience, you’ll want her to be your best friend!

Outside of GTG: I am very passionate with what I do and love learning more about all things hair!  Hanging out with my family and sister is a huge part of my day to day. They mean the world to me.

hair stylist 

Rachel C

Talk about style and talent. We reached out to Rachel after a friend told us about her skills. Her makeup ability keeps getting better! Drama, yes please. Her technique gives you that stand out look without piling on the products. Want to look a little sexy? Rachel is your girl! 

Outside of GTG: I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, and a foster mama to the sweetest little girl in the whole world!  I love being creative - when I am not doing makeup, I am also a freelance interior designer and I run marketing + socials for a local clothing boutique!

makeup artist

Heather S

This blonde bombshell has a natural knack for hair styling. You will never catch her without her own hair and makeup perfectly done. Her calmness creates the best atmosphere for brides. Heather has been the manager of Cosmo Prof for years and is your girl for the best product knowledge! 

Outside of GTG: After eloping in 2020, I had a beautiful baby girl that the team is obsessed with. My time outside of work is with her and my husband. I wouldn’t change my lack of sleep for anything! 

hair stylist

samantha r

This glam girl is who we go to for the new trends! She knows them all and executes them insanely well. Show her what you want, she talks through the look and makes sure YOU feel amazing with the results. Stylish and cool, Sam’s future in styling continues to get better!

Outside of GTG: Friends and family are my past time. I have a large immediate family and love them to death. I love working and I am so happy I get to have fun while I do it.

hair stylist │Operations assistant

cari t

Want to meet your new best friend?? Cari is a huge blessing to the GTG team. Her makeup skills are just as fantastic as her personality. Trained by NARS plus makeup classes with GTG, Cari can do it all. 

Outside of GTG: I am police wife, boy mama, and shopping addict. I love Jesus and spending time with my people. I am just an extrovert who loves to do new things and meet new people! I can’t wait to be a part of your day! 

makeup artist

Our gurl!! Alyssa is another member of the sister duo, with Genavieve.  She is not only amazing at makeup, but can kill any hair style.  Her specialty? Half up / half down! You will see her around quite often as she loves what she does.

Outside of GTG: I spend most of my free time hiking and traveling with my son and fiancé, and our dog Tayla! Cooking and baking new things for my big family to try is an obsession for me. I love being part of the beauty industry, helping people feel and look their best.

alyssa n 

This beauty comes with 7+ years of experience in the industry! Not only can she come to you and bring your glam dreams to life, she works at the studio doing color and cuts! Talented and she will be your best friend before you know it.  

Outside of GTG: I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, fiance, and fur baby Gus! I also enjoy fitness, being outside as well as traveling to new places :) 

HAIR STYLIST │ makeup artist

lizzie p

makeup artist │hair stylist


Makeup Artist │ Hair Stylist

Brittany has been taught by Raquel & Annika while she was finishing beauty school. Her talent can be seen on her own beautifully done face and hair. Her calm personalty and great energy is an amazing addition to the team. We love having her and seeing her creativity expand! 

Outside of GTG: I love showing my creative side in every aspect of my life. Going on long walks and listening to music is one of my favorite things. Doing makeup is one of my greatest passions in life, and I couldn’t imagine a world without it!


Blessed to have her is an understatement! Soft, warm, flawless makeup is what Sam can deliver. Her energy is infectious and will do the talking if you do not want to! With over 6 years of makeup experience, she can deliver exactly what you desire for the big day. 

Outside of GTG: I love spending time with my husband and our dog, and becoming a mom to my sweet baby girl - who will be sure to learn all of mom's best beauty tips!

makeup artist

Meet our treasured addition to the team. Rachel not only is a business owner herself, she works with us to create magic at events. Personality? 10/10. Makeup Skills? 15/10
Her use of colors accentuates your face and gives you the glow you’ve always wanted.

Outside of GTG: I works as an account manager at a local marketing firm and am active in my family businesses. I love doing makeup as a creative outlet and enjoy meeting new people often. Reading, shopping, and spending time with friends and family are some of my favorite hobbies!

Rachel Ann C

The cool one! Taylor is super talented with makeup, plus she is great at understanding what kind of look you want. You will love spending time with her while you are in her chair!

Outside of GTG: You'll find me perfecting lash extensions, brows, spray tans, & facials at a local lash studio! I'm a big family girl- I'm always spending time with my husband, our daughter, my step-son, and our Siberian Husky. I also enjoy making candles at home; fall ones are my fave!

Makeup artist

Taylor s

Makeup Artist

Pulling her straight from beauty school has been such a bonus for GTG. We got to train Mindy from the start, all while watching her talent grow. After you take your stunning selfie with her, you are going to wanna swap numbers to hang out!

Outside of GTG: In my free time, I love just cuddling on the couch with my husband and our puppy, Linkin! I'm a huge foodie, so trying out new restaurants on the weekends is a must! I'm constantly looking up the latest skincare trends and treatments. A trip to the gym is a huge priority in my daily activities!

Mindy B

The sweetest soul! A Dry Bar hair stylist, Shelby is one of our favorite makeup artists. She takes her time on you and makes you feel calm in her chair. Feeling nervous? She's your girl! Super talented, and fantastic at eyes!

Outside of GTG: I have worked at Drybar Pittsburgh for two years! It brings me immense joy to see the transformation and boost of confidence in the individuals who sit in my chair. My favorite hobbies include photography, reading, and baking. Outside of work, you will find me honing my makeup and hair skills. Of course, besides that you'll find me spending time with friends and family.

Makeup artist

Shelby p

Makeup Artist

Tanya is totally your gal if you want to give the drama! She can give you that look without looking like it's 'too much' - totally effortless full glam! But don't worry, she loves to create soft and natural looks as well! 

Outside of GTG: I work full time as a lash artist! When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with my boyfriend & our handsome 2 year old son, Jax. We love spending time at home together with our 3 pets- a playful pitbull (Severus), a curious maincoon kitty (Millie), and an energetic hedgehog (Hazie)! 

Tanya W

Sweet and bubbly, Nicole will be your new bestie! Look no further if you want your soft glam look to be slightly elevated! You will have so much fun in your chair with Nicole, and will look so amazing once she's done!

Outside of GTG: I work in the fashion industry as a retail buyer. I also enjoy taking hot yoga classes, cooking new recipes, and spending time with family and friends. 

Makeup artist

Nicole B

Makeup Artist

Seemingly soft and gentle, but boy is Hanna confident and so amazing at what she does! She jumped right into this big team and got right to business, showing her styling skills off right away as the new girl. By the looks of her work, you'd think she's been here with us for years! We are confident Hanna can give you the look you want!

Outside of GTG: I love to spend time with family, organize everything and anything, and most importantly, take care of myself! Self-care for me is the perfect way to keep me organized and get me through the week! Those who know me know that I cannot sit still, but when it’s time to relax, I’m usually watching my favorite show, The Office. 

Hanna D

Erica has been working as a stylist for 17 years and is a lover of classic, timeless beauty. If you want a refined, classy look - Erica is your girl!

Outside of GTG: I spend a lot of my time exploring the restaurant scene with my husband and traveling to spend time with family. I am a school counselor and am passionate about mental health but will always hold a special place in my heart for all things beauty. I am so glad to be able to stay connected to the industry by working with GTG!

Hair Stylist

Erica M

Hair Stylist

Sassy and sweet, Emily is so outgoing and fun! You'll have a blast chatting and laughing with her during your hair or makeup appointment! She's very versatile in what she can do - you will be smiling from start to finish!

Outside of GTG:  *Coming soon!!*

Emily H

Hayley is so, so talented. She exudes confidence and professionalism! You will be so calm and relaxed in her chair, knowing that she is doing an absolutely fabulous job with your makeup look. You can trust her with any vibe, as she's experienced in everything from bridal to editorial!

Outside of GTG:  When I’m not glamming for an event you can find me spending time with my family or running to a sports game with my daughter!

Makeup artist

Hayley W


Yay! Another blonde to add to our squad! Hannah brings a fresh vibe and technique to the makeup team. She is so kind and gentle when applying your makeup. She was trained under the best, Raquel and Rachel. You'll love every minute you get to spend with her!

Outside of GTG:  I am a brow & lash tech and spend my weekends bartending! I'm a huge Pittsburgh sports fan and reader, so any of my free time is spent trying to go to a game, or in a book store looking for a new book!

Hannah D