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14 . COVID…. What is your policy?

13. My flower girl is only four, can she still get her hair done?

12. What if i only want my eyes done and not my face, do i get a discount?

11. I am very sensitive to makeup, can i bring my own for you to apply?

10. Do you need anything on the day for hair and or makeup?

09. My mom really wants a trial, can you accommodate that?

08. How far do you travel?

07. Do you have a minimum in order to book?

06. How do i book?

05. What if someone in my bridal party opts not to get services right before the wedding?

04. Can i request a certain stylist for my day?

03. How many stylists will be there on my wedding day?

02. I have no idea what to do with my hair or makeup, do you have any recommendations?

01. Do I have to get both hair and makeup in order to book with GLAM TO GO? 

2020 hit us hard as well as some of our brides. We require a 25% nonrefundable deposit in order to book with us. This deposit goes towards your entire invoice and can be used for a different date in the case of a postponement. We cannot guarantee that we are available for your new date but we do try to be accommodating. If your wedding is completely cancelled, the 25% deposit is still nonrefundable. 

Definitely. We still charge the same price for a four year old versus a 10 year old. Most of our prices will not vary even with the age of the client.

Short answer, no. We do not offer discounts in this case. We recommend getting your entire face done.


We would love it if you have enough chairs for each of our stylists to work on your party. Also, getting everyone on time in order to start is a huge help for us. We bring all bobby pins, hair spray, makeup, lashes, lights, etc.

YES. We charge the same rate for any trial and can be done at the salon the same day as the bride or at a later date.

Italy? Count us in. We will travel wherever you need but we do charge a fee. For PA weddings, we charge 2 dollars per mile each way outside of 15220.  

Yes. We require four people per service in order to book. Hair and  ⁄ or  makeup. Bridal style can be included.

Fill out our submission form, then you will receive a proposal with pricing that needs to be filled out before receiving any contract. An invoice will also be created that will be due in full 1 week before your date. A 25% deposit is due in order to book with us.

You have 6 months to give us your final count of people receiving glam. If someone decides not to get what they signed up for within those 6 months, their services are still charged in full. If you would like to add another person, there is a $50 fee in order to do so. Long story short, get exact numbers within 6 months of your wedding date.

OF COURSE. As long as that stylist is available, you may request one. Annika and Raquel can be requested but at an extra fee. 

This depends. Up to 8 people we may only send one stylist for each hair and or makeup. Anything above 8 people, we bring 2 stylists for each. 

We love to discuss and talk through what you want for the big day. That is why we strongly recommend getting a trial beforehand.

Absolutely not. You can book either service but we do love it when we can do both for you.